Road to London

Week 1

the road to London...

Week 1

Miles ran - 41.5
Tobleron'e eaten - 1 (Laura's fault)
Red wine drunk - 1 glass (yes glass, not bottle)
Weight - Monday 178lbs - Sunday 173lbs

Monday 2nd Jan

Day 1 of marathon training so naturally I took a rest day, plan was for a kettlebell session and 4 easy miles but it seemed like a good day to lie on settee and watch Netflix so that's what I did.  Day 1 will now switch to Wednesday which is day 3 and day 1 will become day 3, simple.

Tuesday 3rd Jan

Track session at the club so I'm there and it's long track reps and I love a long rep.  Felt really good in the session and desperately tried to cling onto Hannah on the final rep but she did a sneaky move and arranged for everyone to box me in whilst she made her move.  It was absolutely not because shes younger, fitter and way faster than me.

Wednesday 4th Jan

4 miles easy.  Days 1's session on day 3, nice and easy along the coast to Cullercoats and back and watched a dog trying to eat a seagull.  Not my dog, he's way too fat and lazy to bother chasing a seagull.

Thursday 5th Jan

Session planned was a threshold of 20 min warm up, 12 mins threshold, 10 mins threshold, 12 mins threshold and 20 min cool down with jog recovs between each effort.  Started the first 12 and knew straight away it wasn't my day today., just about hit the pace and dropped to a crawl on the recovery.  Next effort was awful and had a little cry to myself as I headed up towards Tynemouth, thought about jacking it in and having an ice cream and then remembered ice cream makes me vomit but that still seemed preferable to running.  Managed to cling onto the pace for last rep and then the planned 20 min cool down became 10 mins and I went home and ate biscuits.  Got told off for opening the last of the Christmas biscuits, ate more biscuits.

Friday 6th Jan

Easy 5 miles, soent most of it singing 'easy' over and over again in my head.  The Faith No More version not The Commodores, its important to understand the difference here as Faith No More has way more 'woooos' and 'huhs' in it.

Saturday 7th Jan

Parkrun pacing duties today and aiming for 23 mins.  Now I don't like to brag but brag I will as I knocked out an evenly paced 22:55 and celebrated with a chocolate croissant from the co-op.

Sunday 8th Jan

Early start and manic morning sorting the Trail Run with Helen G.  After a couple hours of sorting things I headed off to do 7 miles to Tynemouth and back and as I approached Turknaz I spotted the Trail Runners starting and crossed the start line 3 or 4 minutes late, lots of weaving around on the prom to find some space.  Run was excellent fun as always a nice chance for a catch up with Ivor and Jim, came in after 14.5 miles and pace was exactly what I wanted.  Drank lots of coffee and ate some flapjacks.

Oh and went to pub later that evening and had  a deserved large glass of red wine.

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