Foam Roller Workshop

Foam Roller Workshop

Have a foam roller gathering dust and no idea how to use it?

This is a 60 minute hands on workshop designed to teach you how to get the most from using a foam roller instead of just lying on it and rolling up and down for 10 minutes! It's all about the 'release' not the rolling...

I work through how to effectively use a foam roller with a little bit of theory and lots of practical work and clear up lots of myths and confusion that you'll come across on you tube and google !

All I need is you and a foam roller! You will spend 60 mins rolling so need to wear suitable clothing for the session.

Main areas covered:

  • how to use a foam roller for myofascial release

  • the optimum amount of time to foam roll

  • adaptable techniques for mobility issues

  • areas that benefit from foam rolling

  • and areas you really should avoid!

  • the many benefits of foam rolling

  • different types of foam rollers and what they are for

  • foam rolling to improve performance

  • the vital roll fascia plays in your performance

Get in touch if you'd like to book on or for more information.

Workshops are monthly and based in Whitley Bay and places are strictly limited to allow me to focus on each person and they sell out FAST!

£25 for 60 minute workshop.