sports massage

Sports massage is a specialised form of massage therapy and can be used effectively on a number of clients. 

The main purposes of sports massage is to reduce fatigue, relieve swelling and tension, promote a better range of movement and flexibility, to identify, manage and treat injuries and to prepare you to be in peak performance at all times.

Sports massage can be used as a pre-event, post-event and during any period of physical activity and it a vital tool as a major part of your regular maintenance. 

athletic taping

Sports taping has become a more common practice since first making an appearance in the Olympics.

It is the application of a pressure sensitive tape over to the skin to physically help with holding muscles into a certain position.

It's main purpose is to support and restrict the motion of a joint or muscle for stability, through compression it also helps with swelling, supports anatomical structures and protects the area from re-injury.

cupping therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of treatment that has gained something of a resurgence recently.

It uses cups placed upon the skin to create a vacum and perform suction.  It can help with inflammation, deep tissue massage and relaxation.

Cupping works by lifting the outer layers of skin and allows your blood vessels to expand and for blood to flow deeper into the underlying tissue.  A great treatment to run alongside deep and soft tissue massage.

massage gun therapy

Massage gun therapy is a new treatment but gaining in popularity all the time.

The treatment uses percussive massage to go deeper into the muscles with a powerful pounding action which helps to release areas of thickened connective tissue, break down adhesions and scar tissue and can help restore a full range of movement.

Particularly useful when used on your back, glutes and upper legs.

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