Run Coaching Gait Analysis & Training Plans

Transform Your Running

So you join a gym and the first thing you do is get a personal trainer, so what makes running any different?

We tend to think of running as a skill we already have, slip on your trainers and head out the front door and theres nothing more to it, right? Well, yes and no! 

Targeted 1-2-1 run coaching is a great investment for runners of all levels to improve, avoid injury, achieve your goals and most importantly to enjoy your running!

Prices vary dependent on how many sessions are booked and what services are needed but I ensure they are kept affordable.  Please message me directly if interested and I can talk you through all the options.

Group sessions for Corporate Clubs, Charity Groups and event specific group (VLM, GNR etc) are also available.

Runner Reports

5 minutes on a treadmill in a trainer shop isnt going to give you the answers you want...

A great starting point for everyone and the most popular service I offer.  This is a 90 minute 1 to 1 session that begins with a consultation of your aims, goals, barriers, injury history and more.  We then work together to run through stability work, drills, warm up and a comprehensive head to toe technique assessment.  This is not generic info you find on youtube, this is specifically tailored to you and your running, I use video analysis that we watch together to look at every aspect of your movement and work to iron out those small issues that can lead to injury and frustration.

After the session you will receive a personal report detailing all the findings from the session and specific advice and sessions for balance, stability and strength and conditioning work.  Suitable for all runners, no matter your age, ability or experience level.

1 to 1 Coached Sessions

Got a specific event you are training for?
Need a more targeted approach to your running?
Need a reason to get out and run?

These sessions are fantastic for so many runners, they are 60 minutes face to face and include drills, warm up, main session and cool down.  I take care of the details, the pacing and everything else and you just need to turn up and do it!

It's not always about taking you out of your comfort zone, sometimes its about working slowly together to build on small targets and tick them off and move on. I work to help you get the most out of every session and most importantly to make running enjoyable and rewarding.

Can be booked as individual sessions or in blocks of 1-5, 6-9 or 10 plus and prices vary slightly depending on how many you book.  Once booked we can move them around to suit your schedule best and I am available for sessions 7 days a week from 7am.

Personalised Training Plans

Got an event coming up and want a real tailored running plan and not a generic one downloaded from some random website?

A plan needs to take into account your personal goals, your work and home life balance, injury history and your experience  of running.  An initial consultation that generally involves meeting for a coffee and chatting through all these things and then working a plan to fit your life and utlising what routes, hills and areas you have to train in.

Training plans can be produced for everyone, from complete beginners to experienced athletes and can be for any length of time, it's a question of whats right for you.