Road to London

Week 16

The road to London Marathon...

Week 16 - Race Week

Miles ran - 12 (up to Friday)
Things ran into - 0
Chaffing incidents - 0
Red wine drunk - 0
Beers drunk -  0
Indian takeaways eaten  - 0
Toblerones eaten -  0
Whispas eaten - 0
Yorkies eaten - 0
Dogs tripped over - 0
Dogs  I've eyballed - 0
Times I've seen Ben - 0
Easter Eggs eaten - 0
Weight - Monday 170lbs - Friday 168lbs

Monday 17th April

Monday gym day hasn't actually been a gym day for a few weeks now so really should find another name for it from now on.

I shall call it, Monday.

Didn't go to a gig with Andy, didn't go to Beamish, didn't buy any records, didn't eat any chocolate, didn't see Ben, didn't have a snooze on the settee with Murphy.

Bit of a shit day really, basically just worked all day and listened to 6 music.

Sorry about that but my life is quite dull.

Tuesday 18th April

Tuesday had an early appointment and then a nice break to have a walk into Whitley to have a look for some records.

A look through Mama Roux and nothing found, a tour of the charity shops and nothing but Perry Como, Johnny Mathis, a ridiculous amount of Rod Stewart and a signed Max Bygraves record, so left empty handed.  A coffee in Room 305 and back home to work.

Club session tonight was 5 X 1km, nowt daft this week so I joined D team and got a telling off from Dyson before we even started.

Rule 1 in D team, don't mess with Dyson.  

Rule 2 in D team, do what Dyson tells you.

4.5 reps with D team and all perfectly paced, then turned midway through last one to tag onto B team for a fast leg turnover for the final 500m and got told off by Dyson.  

Rule 3 in D team, don't join B team midway through a session. 

Joined Michael and we gave chase to catch Colin and Peter, Peter spotted us and went off like a bloody rocket.  Nowt daft Simon, nowt daft, so kept the pace and ran it in with Michael in tow.

East run home and a walk and a chat with John and Lucy, Lucy told me all about a Bowie exhibition in London that I can go and see on Saturday, really looking forward to it and got home looking forward to telling Lily all about it.

Turns out it's not on this weeken.

Or next weekend.

It's not on for another two years.

Bloody Lucy.

Wednesday 19th April

Wednesday easy miles to loosen the legs off.

Stuck on some Stevie Wonder and me and Stevie went for 4 miles of easy running.  Home and a day of working.

Going to start sorting out my gear for London tonight and there already seems to be quite a lot of it.

Now the big question is do I wear a Stevie Wonder, a Joe Strummer or a Johnny Cash t shirt on the way down ? 

Never got round to sorting my gear, got sidetracked watching a movie recommended by my brother, actually recommended is probably a strong word.  It was more him telling me I have to watch it because it's so unbelievably shit.

We share a taste in watching the worst movies of all time and he may have won the competition with this one, it was called The VelociPastor.

Bet you can't guess what it was about ? 

After losing his parents, a priest travels to China, where he inherits an ability to turn into a dinosaur and with the help of a local prostitute they use his power to fight crime.

See, I knew you wouldn't guess it.

It was shit.

But in a good shit kind of way.

Thursday 20th April

Final run before London today, nipped to the clubhouse early doors to clean the place up as Tyne Tees were there today filming club superstar Kath.  

Now I've mentioned before I'm a vigorous moper and have been known to snap a mop.  Today my Garmin told me I had achieved my daily intensity minutes whilst moping the clubhouse gym, usually takes a 10 mile run to do that.

Then headed out for 4 miles easy and home for a shower and a massage.  

Club tonight and I'll be on the bike to watch everyone, nice and easy ride out and back and then home for yet more pasta.

I'm all pasta'd out now.

Friday 21st April

The world's most boring entry today.

I had a lie in.

I took Murphy for a walk.

I walked to Whitley Bay to buy some bagels.

I came home and tidied the house.

I packed my bags and then unpacked them and packed them again.

I had a bath.

I cooked tea.

I decided to wear a Kate Bush t shirt to travel to London.

That was it, told you it was boring.

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd April

Well, for now that's it.

Saturday morning I will be up early and heading to Newcastle to get the 7:13am train to Kings Cross with Lily.

Then you'll have to check back on Monday for my Saturday & Sunday updates.

So for now, that's all folks.

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