Road to London

Week 2

The road to London Marathon...

Week 2

Miles ran - 44.4
Toblerone's eaten - 0
Red wine drunk - 1 bottle
Weight - Monday 173lbs - Sunday 172lbs

Monday 9th Jan

Monday entries will always be a bit boring as its running rest day, sorry about that.  But today was gym day! So an early start with Graham H at the gym where we listen to some top tunes and have even be known to do some actual gym type stuff.

Then spent an hour cleaning and mopping the gym floor and then spent the next few hours whinging and ranting about having to clean and mop the gym floor.  

I also broke the mop.

I mop very vigorously.

Tuesday 10th Jan

The marathon plan said a 10 mile aerobic run, the training plan said club Grand Prix.  My current form suggested racing the GP, my early onset marathon paranoia suggested the 10 mile run.

All I had to do was pick one.

I picked both.

I'm a bloody idiot.  

My coach would go mad at me but he's well aware I'm a fool so tolerates me.  My coach is an idiot.

Yes, I am my own coach.

Aerobic bit before GP was too slow, GP was badly paced and I didn't have a clue what I was supposed to be doing and then I went home. 

Will I learn a valuable lesson from this?

No, no I won't.

Wednesday 11th Jan

Wednesday is easy run day, today was 4 miles at an easy pace and I'm feeling a bit tired so was pleased this was on the plan, my Coach is a bloody genius.

Stuck on some my music and ran along the coast listening to Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine.  If you're unaware of Carter USM  you shouldn't be, you should immediately put on The Only Living Boy in New Cross and pogo round your living room.  Also fruitbat from Carter once punched Phillip Schofield in the face at the SmashHits Poll Winners Party and to the 16 year old me that was absolute anarchy.

I've had a soft spot for Carter ever since.

Hello, Good Evening and welcome to nothing much.

Whenever I think of the Fruitbat incident for some reason it reminds me of when Brain Harvey ran over himself whilst being sick after eating 3 jacket potatoes.  One of the funniest stories ever.

Thursday 12th Jan

Had 2 sessions booked in for today, first up was a coaching session at 9am and then club session later in the day with the mighty B team.

Made Nicola run lots of hills and she loved it. Was an extra 5 miles for me which was good and meant the evening run would be on tired legs, went home intending to redo my website and update some photos but got sidetracked and watched a zombie film and sent numerous angry emails to Evri instead.  

Evri lost my trainers, they've had them in a warehouse for 2 weeks, I want my trainers, I need my trainers, I love trainers, I hate Evri.

Club was ducks'n'drakes which is always fun, the level of fun was greatly reduced by 50 mph winds that seemed to hit us directly in the face no matter which way we ran.  Finished my first double session day and felt good, thought about celebrating by eating a Toblerone but then remembered I got Gail to hide the Toblerones.

Spent 10 minutes looking for Toblerones, couldn't find the Toblerones.

Gail won't tell me where she hid them.

Friday 13th Jan

A lovely day of 4 miles easy, stuck on some Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - have I mentioned Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine yet?

Get yourself on Spotify and listen to 1992: The Love Album and pogo round the house, we've been here before haven't we...  

Got home, had a bath and opened a bottle of red wine.

Drank the bottle of red wine.

Didn't eat any toblerone.

Got an email from Evri saying  they found my trainers.

Today was a good day and I couldn't sum it up any better than Ice Cube in the song 'It was a good day' when he sang "today was like one of those fly dreams, didn't even see a berry flashin' those high beams".

I live my life by that rule.

Saturday 14th Jan

Parkrun day. 

Bloody loved this today, went out and just ran as I feel.  Was a bit faster than I intended but I feel great.  Also managed to persaude Daughter #1 to do her first parkrun in about 5 years, she kind of enjoyed it I guess.

Celebrated as always by going to co-op for a coffee and a nutella croissant.

They didn't have any nutella croissants.

I was seething, seething I tell ya!

Evri delivered my trainers.

I was over the bloody moon, over the bloody moon I tell ya!

Sunday 15th Jan

Long('ish) run day.  A nice warm up, then 10 miles at aerobic pace of 8 min miles and then a cool down.

Nice easy 2 miles to start with, 10 miles felt easy and then finished off with a mile to cool down.  Loads of runners out and about, ran into a lamppost which bloody hurt. 

Home, shower, get changed, listen to Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and then the greatest feeling ever, yeah you know whats coming next....

Me and Mrs J had a slot booked at the tip, bloody brilliant! Got rid of the last of the Christmas rubbish.  Bit of general rubbish, some cardboard and not one but two old telly's, two!

Spent a lot of time today staring at my new trainers, they're bright, bright even for me. Might even wear them one day, not yet though as I just need to stare at them a bit more.

Week number 2 finished, roll on week 3.

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