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Recently I have joined up with the WeRun Nationwide coaching network, which is the #1 Coaching Service in the UK.

So, why is this a good thing?

Running is a skill and can always be improved upon, if you wanted to learn to play tennis, you'd get lessons, if you need to learn to swim, you get lessons and running is no different.

But what if a few pointers, some fresh eyes looking at what you're doing, tips on strength and conditioning, foam rolling advice and ideas for warm ups, sessions and cool downs were available to you on a 1:1 basis?

WeRun Coaching

The concept behind WeRun is to bring professional run coaching to recreational runners of all abilities and one of the best services on offer is the Runners MOT. it is designed to deliver the maximum impact to your running in the minimum time possible.

How does the idea of a comprehensive running analysis, a head to toe assessment of technique sound to you?

Runners MOT

The Runners MOT is a one off 1:1 session that takes 90 minutes. We work together to discuss your current training, future goals and obstacles in achieving them.

I will then guide you through a thorough warm up routine, look at imbalances and weaknesses in your posture, movement and flexibility. These are not things that are ever possible in a large group session and need a focused session to be done properly.

Then a complete running and gait analysis is done with video footage and photos, we will work on head position, arm drive, hip position, leg lift, foot strike and anything else that is needed to help optimise your running.

What next?

Are you a beginner wanting to get your running off on the right foot?

An experienced athlete looking for tweaks for the maximum return?

The Runners MOT is 100% tailored directly to you, it is delivered 1:1 and all information is summarised into a personalised report for you to keep and refer back to at any time. It will become your 'go to' resource before every run.

More Info

If this is a service you feel would benefit you, and I promise it really will! Then get in touch and I will answer any questions and send you the booking link.

Fancy giving the gift of a Runners MOT to somebody? Then gift vouchers are also available.

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