deep tissue sports massage & coaching

Welcome to EQuilibrium sports-massage-therapy & run coaching based in Whitley Bay.

At EQuilibrium I believe massage should be a regular part of your body maintenance and care, it is so much more than simply a short term 'fix'. By incorporating massage into your regular well-being routine you will find that aches, pains and injuries are kept at bay and mobility and flexibility are greatly enhanced.

At EQuilibrium I use a number of techniques to work on the soft tissues and joints within the body and help to improve them through releasing tension, increasing blood supply, flushing out lactic acid and breaking up scar tissue. All this enables you to have a greater range of movement and in turn a better quality of life. I can help with numerous issues including tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, lower lumbar pain and much more.

I am passionate about massage and the numerous benefits it offers and work with patients to help identify any injuries and work on a tailored plan to get you back to your best. I can offer sports massage, deep tissue and soft tissue massage, sports cupping therapy, massage gun therapy, trigger point, myofascial release, remedial massage, injury prevention and management, kinesio taping, infrared massage therapy, relaxation techniques and assist with your general well-being. I also host runner workshops, foam rolling classes and strength and conditioning master classes at locations throughout Whitley Bay and the coast.

I work with a range of clients of all ages and from varied backgrounds and occupations and have invested in top of the range quality equipment to enable to offer the best treatment possible.

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